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Unique Pretzels - Uniquesplits

The Spannuth family (own the bakery for six generations starting back in the late 1800's) from Reading, PA created the crunchiest, tastiest pretzels you will ever experience. While baking, the pretzels split open into deep cracks and crevices giving them the most wonderful flavor you will ever taste. With their rich caramel color and crunchy texture, we promise that you will keep your hand reaching back into the bag for more.

Large Bags (11 oz) : Original Splits · Extra Dark · Extra Salt · Pretzel Shells — $2.87
Small Bags (2 oz)
: Pretzel Shells (Honey Mustard · Bacon Cheddar· Tangy Ranch) — $1.39

Deep River Snacks - Kettle Chips
(Certified gluten free and made in a nut free facility)

These are no ordinary chips! The kettle-cooked potato chips are cooked in small batches to ensure the highest quality, outstanding crispness & crunch! Made only with 100% sunflower oil, these chips are not only natural, but a healthier snack that is lower in saturated fat. The kettle chip flavor is unmatched – both in quality and variety.

Small Bags (2 oz) : Original Salted · Sea Salt · Zesty Jalapeno* · Rosemary & Olive Oil · Mesquite BBQ
   Aged Cheddar Horseradish* · New York Spicy Dill Pickle* · Sour Cream & Onion · Sea Salt & Vinegar
   Maui Onion  
— 97¢     * Spicy Hot!

A & J South Florida Jerky - Beef Jerky

Here's quote from Jerky Jim: "We use Top Round for our beef jerky. We slice the beef, marinate, dehydrate and then package the jerky in a vacuum package. We use a High EVOH vacuum pouch that has a very low oxygen transfer rate resulting in a jerky with at least a 12 month shelf life. Our process is USDA inspected and approved. Our beef jerky is a low fat, high protein, vacuum packaged product, making it ideal for use as a survival food, camping food, hiking, snack, boating and emergency food, as well as stocking it with your hurricane supplies. I believe if you are looking for a very tasty, healthy beef jerky."

Pouch (2 oz) : Original Home Style · Mild Habanero* · Spicy Habanero* · Fire Hot Habanero* — $3.50
    * Spicy Hot!

Price/availability subject to change.  Call for further information.

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